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Staff Information

Although we take great pride in our outstanding facilities and scenic surroundings, we feel that the most important and impressive aspect of Camp Chomeish is its staff. Because we strongly believe that the success of our program depends on those who administer it, our staff is selected with an emphasis on maturity, dedication, experience, leadership qualities, caring for children, Chassidishkiet, Tznius (Modesty), and Respect.

As a staff member your responsibilities include guiding children to build good character traits good habits, make sound personal judgments and embrace the fundamentals of teamwork. We believe in a work ethic that embraces playing, cheering, learning, caring, and having fun while never losing sight of the ultimate
goals of safety and a Chassidishe atmosphere. We are looking for special individuals who feel comfortable being a child's role model provides genuine warmth and sound decision-making. Our camp environment nurtures development of individual character, self-confidence, and the learning of new skills.
Our emphasis is on having our campers build lasting friendships within a family atmosphere of Chassidishe warmth and caring.

Counselors live in the bunks with the girls. A ratio of 10 -14 campers to 2 counselors is typical, counselors are responsible for the conduct of the bunk and working and living with the girls to ensure a great summer is had by all.

Camp is an alcohol-free, non-smoking work environment with a zero-tolerance policy. It is important that these considerations are compatible with your lifestyle.
Camp Chomeish Is:
A summer of fun, adventure, personal challenges and meeting friends you will have for a lifetime.
Camp Chomeish Is Not:
A dorm A fraternity.
A "9-to-5" Job.
A summer vacation.

How do you recruit your staff?

All of our prospective staff members are interviewed. References are checked

What are the ages and qualifications of staff?

All staff is required to have completed 10th Grade 16 years old to be eligible for hire at our camps. Many of our returning staff has been with us for as long as Four years providing wonderful continuity and a foundation for camp traditions.

What do you look for in our staff members?

An individual who have completed 10th grade before camp begins.

An individual with a Chassidishe, Tzniusdik (Modesty), and Respectful conduct.
An Individual who can positively influence a young girl's life.

An Individual with patience and understanding combined with a sense of humor and vitality for life.

People who show initiative and leadership.
People who are committed and responsible

What type of medical care is available for the staff?

Camp Chomeish of New England has a medical team comprised of a Medical Doctor on-call and a full time Registered Nurse. Our fully equipped infirmary, detailed emergency procedures and 20-minute proximity to area hospitals, create a safe environment for our entire camp community. Camp does not provide insurance to cover medical expenses not related to your work at camp.

What types of food do you serve?

Our food is delicious and Kosher by the Highest standards, prepared by a Chef and cooking team. We serve family style and provide a wide variety of foods at every breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that campers and Staff can always have a meal that includes food they really like to eat. In addition we try to maintain a "Home like" atmosphere in the Kitchen, and when possible will try to accommodate your individual needs
If you are the type of person who has the personality to work well with people, likes sports, and wants to see New England, then working at Chomeish can be a wonderful experience. We take our responsibilities seriously and want to recruit staff members who will work effectively with children.

If you are interested, please click on the Form button fill out the application thoroughly and send it as soon as possible. We check references closely, so please make sure all statements in your application are truthful and that all phone numbers and addresses are up-to-date. Please provide daytime numbers as well as nighttime numbers. We will be in touch with you soon after receiving your application. If you have any questions regarding camp, feel free to look through the rest of the web site.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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