Camp Chomeish

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Camp Dates

First Session

Tuesday, 8 Tammuz – June 30
to Monday, 6 Menachem Av – July 27

Second Session

Monday, 6 Menachem Av – July 27
to Sunday, 3 Elul – August 23

Visiting Day

Due to social distant requirements as of now, there will be NO visiting at camp.


Camp 5780 בעז"ה

An Executive Order of May 18 lists overnight camps as not being allowed to open. This overrides the previous guidelines and permission presented by the commissioner of the OEC - the agency that licenses camps.
Along with many many other overnight camps in CT, we were fully anticipating to open prior to this order. As such, we have been moving full-steam ahead with cabin improvements, adding additional indoor space to better accommodate more stay-in-camp activities and more.
As our motto up until this point was the ruling of our Rebbeim that “tracht gut VET zein gut” and this is still our motto. s such we are hopeful that this order will be reversed bezH.
We are currently reaching out to the office of the OEC, the Governor’s office and the ACA. Further updates as they are available will be emailed and posted here.

Head Staff

First Month
Mushka Andrusier HC
Shayna Dinerman HC
C. M. Baumgarten PHC
Second Month
Esther Sebag HC
Moussia Belinsky HC