Camp Chomeish

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Camp Dates

First Session

Tuesday, 19 Tammuz – June 29
to Tuesday, 18 Menachem Av – July 27
HCs: Nechama Simpson
& Shani Werner

Second Session

Tuesday, 18 Menachem Av – July 27
to Monday, 15 Elul – August 23
HCs: Devorah Leah Smith &
Nechama Mishulovin

Visiting Day

There will be NO visiting at camp.


Camp 5781 בעז"ה

Dear Parents שיחיו',

With thanks to Hashem, and with the Rebbe’s brachos, the board of directors of Camp Chomeish is pleased to report that along with numerous restrictions being lifted in CT, Governor Lamont announced, on Thursday, March 4th, that residential camps can prepare to open this summer.

Though the first session is BE”H almost completely full, There are still some spots open for the second month beginning July 26th