Camp Chomeish

Registration is Open


Program Applications

Staff Applications

Camp Dates

First Session

Tuesday, 19 Tammuz – June 29
to Tuesday, 18 Menachem Av – July 27
HCs: Nechama Simpson
& Shani Werner

Second Session

Tuesday, 18 Menachem Av – July 27
to Monday, 15 Elul – August 23
HCs: Devorah Leah Smith &
Nechama Mishulovin

Visiting Day

There will be NO visiting at camp.


Camp 5781 בעז"ה

Dear Parents שיחיו',

We are in contact with the Commissioners office and we will IY"H receive a positive response to be able to open camp.
Many Connecticut residential camps (which were closed last year) have opened and have already begun registration for this year, and some are already mostly full.
With keeping our constant bitachon in Hashem and following the pesak din of Rabboseinu Nissianu "tracht gut VET zein gut" we hope to be able to announce soon the official opening of registration.
We are allowing parents to pre-register at this time with only a $50 fee. The balance of the $250 deposit to be paid automatically once accepted—which will be applied only after we have full assurance from the Governor's office that camps will be allowed to open.
Rabbi Sholom and Chaya Stock